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TOP 30 OF 2016 - 12. The Bachelor brings out the best (worst) of NZ bro culture

First published on Thursday the 12th of May, 2016, this piece comes in at number 12 in the top 30 most read Villainesse stories of 2016.

Thane Kirby. When the name pops up in my feed it should really be a sign that I should sign out and go for a walk. But inevitably, because I’m a human being who is incapable of looking away from a train crash, the name leads me to a link that makes me feel deeply jaded.

What has this stellar example of a New Zealand man done this time? In chronological order: asked a woman whether she was “drunk, an idiot, or heavily edited”, asked her to describe her sexual partner’s penis size, whether she orgasmed during sex with said sexual partner and whether her “titties” are “real or false”. All in one fell swoop. All on national radio, and later posted as a video (that zoomed in on the woman's breasts) to the internet. All whilst the woman was visibly uncomfortable.

Even for a prince like Kirby, that’s quite an achievement.

The woman in question? Naz from The Bachelor. Which is where this sad story takes a turn for the worse. I voiced my disgust for the incident on Twitter and received the following gems (among others):

Farmboyraver @AndyMuir22: So what about Naz. Or is she simply pushing herself across as a "brand"? Remember she has sexualized this entire situation

Jason Marshall @heiniejace: that crazy woman has done herself no favours tho to b fair. All day long all over evrything! Its just rubbish (sic)!

Derek @wazzas449: he is an arsehole, but seeing that fb post, Naz is crazy she may have asked for him to pose those Q's to her for attention (sic)

So, supposedly Naz, as a woman who has admitted to having sex (gasp!) has somehow brought on such questions because she has “sexualised this entire situation”. She is also apparently “crazy”. Because everyone knows that women who are “crazy” deserve what’s coming to them, right?


Then Matt Gibb (of all people) chimed in. Retweeting a non Bachelor-related tweet that said, “because the rule of thumb for takeovers/mergers is that most fail because the acquirer overpays and then fails to execute”, Gibb wondered aloud, “is he talking about Fleur and Jordan?”

It’s unclear whether Gibb thought that Jordan was the acquirer “overpaying” for Fleur or whether Fleur was the over-charged party that then “fails to execute”, but he certainly didn’t like being called out about it. “Think you’re looking way too deep into that one,” he said. “The (admittedly not very funny) joke was that 'the merger' failed. Stop looking further than that,” he ordered.

Because of course women suggesting that a comment could be offensive must be overreacting. They should know to stop reading a ‘joke’ halfway through a sentence. Obviously.

And what would a jaunt into New Zealand’s bro culture be without Dom Harvey?

“‘Jordan is unavailable for comment’ He probably can't hear his phone ring with his head buried in Nazs ample bosoms ‪#TheBachelorNZ (sic)” Harvey tweeted. Between Naz’s “ample bosoms” and Chrystal Chenery’s crotch, it’s clear to see that some things, like portraying women as sexual objects, don’t change.

Round of applause, guys. Great to know that even though The Bachelor is (finally) leaving our screens, there’s plenty of sexism in the New Zealand media landscape to keep us going until The Real Housewives Of Auckland arrives.

Bravo, indeed.


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