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And the Villainesse Feminist Oscars go to…

Cate Blanchett / Gage Skidmore

They may not have won gold tonight, but these are the women, and women-led films, that truly deserve our applause. (According to us, anyway.)

The Ooo That Looks Good award for upcoming content goes to…

Ma, starring Octavia Spencer in a leading role! Octavia Spencer (a previous Supporting Actress winner for The Help) is the heart and soul of anything she’s in. Unfortunately, she rarely leads anything she’s in. Despite being relegated to maid, mother, and best friend roles, Spencer hasn’t turned in a predictable performance to date. Ma, in which she appears to be playing some kind of kid-killing psychopath, looks to give her the long-due opportunity to show off her considerable talent. Congratulations Octavia, I can’t wait to see you torture white teenagers. (I think? Go watch the trailer.)

The Hey I Know Them award for utilizing local talent goes to…

The Breaker Upperers! Co-directed by Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek, The Breaker Upperers features approximately 100,000 NZ comedians. And it’s all the better for it. The film scored rave reviews, both locally and overseas, adding Sami and van Beek to the long list of great local female directors.

The Did I Actually Cry Over This award for pure silly fun goes to…

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! Go on, tell me that a story about mothers, daughters, and female-friendship, wherein the protagonist sleeps with three men and isn’t slut-shamed for it, doesn’t make you tear up a little. Cher as grandma pushes this one into classic territory.

The Queering Up History award, for taking rumours of royal lesbianism and running with them goes to…

The Favourite, starring Emma “Best Picture” Stone, Rachel Weisz, and Olivia Colman as a bonkers Queen Anne. Fun fact: when I saw this film with my girlfriend, a lady in front of us walked out. We later overheard her tut-tutting about people ‘rewriting history as homosexual’. There is some merit to the complaint; there’s no hard evidence that Queen Anne was in a same-sex relationship. But Yorgos Lanthimos’ films don’t exactly take place in the real world (see The Lobster), and it’s a rewrite that some of us are more than happy to believe.

The Cast Her! Cast Her In Everything! award for incredible new talent goes to…

Letitia Wright, for her role as Shuri in Black Panther! The smartest person in the Marvel Universe happens to be a 16-year-old girl from Wakanda. She’s also the funniest person in the Marvel Universe. Wright carries the role with such ease, everyone I saw the film with instantly fell in love.

The Anything Men Can Do, Women Can Do With No Real Obstacles award goes to...

Oceans 8! While some decry there being no major setbacks in this 8-woman-strong heist movie, us ladies know why that is; there’s nothing more powerful than women working together. Or as Tina Fey puts it, bitches get stuff done.  

The Hillary Clinton, Pantsuit Aficionado award goes to…

Blake Lively in A Simple Favour! This weird and wonderful mommy-thriller is all the better for Blake Lively’s vintage Ralph Lauren slash stripper suits. The snap-off dickey? The cuffs? The walking stick?! So weird. So wonderful. So… befitting of the character.

The Why The Hell Didn’t They Do This Sooner award goes to…

Crazy Rich Asians! You mean to tell me Crazy Rich Asians is the first Hollywood film in 25 years to feature an all-Asian cast? Because Asian-led films don’t make money? I mean… the film only went on to make $349 million dollars from a $44 million budget. No big deal.

Congratulations to all the winners!


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