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TOP 30 OF 2016 - 6. 10 kickass female artists from New Zealand you should be following

First published on Sunday the 23rd of October, 2016, this piece comes in at number 6 in the top 30 most read Villainesse stories of 2016.

1. Adrienne Whitewood (@adriennewhitewood)

Indigenous and sustainable design? Rad. This super humble, Māori babe from Rotorua runs her own self-titled fashion label and boutique store, Ahu. Each one of her unique prints tells a story and celebrates sensible Māori design. Tu meke.

2. Sarah Kelk (@sarah_kelk)

The work of this South Island-born mum makes me want to open a yoga studio in Ponsonby just so that I can adorn the walls with her pastel-based aesthetic pleasingness. Hey Sarah, can you please design the colour palette of my life? Cheers, thanks, kind regards.

3. Lauren Prebble (@wangdang_doodles)

Sex, rock ‘n’ roll, and Frida Kahlo. Yes. So much yes. Her raw, felt-tip creations are a teenage boy’s wet dream and a feminist’s coffee table staple. She’s labelled herself amateur, but that just makes her all that more of a star in my eyes. Don’t stop being you, Lauren.

4. Xoe Hall (@Xoehallartist)

Self-professed ‘glitterist’, this feminist bombshell beautifies urban walls and vintage clothing with her unique blend of rock-pop art. Her rhinestone encrusted Māori/Prince mash up decorated leather jacket is weird and wonderful and I’ve dreamt about it several times. Get. In. My. Closet.

5. Kirsty Wilson (@kirstywilsoncreative)

Babes on babes on babes. This artist and illustrator celebrates female beauty in a way that makes you want to break out all of your eye shadows and dress up for no particular occasion; just to feel good.

6. Lizzie Snow (@Fortyonehundred)

Who doesn’t love a good mandala? Lizzie’s impressive, intricate works are zen inducing. Her Instagram offers daily doodle wisdom, making her the reigning Dalai Lama of visual art in New Zealand.

7. Fiona Pardington (@Hinakehe)

What a badass babe. The early work of this Māori-Scottish photographer, hunter and collector explored themes of love, sex and gender from a feminist viewpoint which is epic, obviously. Her work today takes audiences on a culture voyage with a dark, quirkiness that conjures fantasy-like imagery.

8. Jen Sievers (@jensievers_art)

Jen’s work defiantly states ‘Yass Kween’ with a colourful sense of abstract fun.  Pretty sure you’re gonna wanna save this African Queen as your phone’s screen saver. I have. 

9. Vanessa Rose (@Van_rose_draws)

I discovered this gem of an illustrator on Instagram recently and I’m in awe. She’s telling New Zealand’s history through water colour adaptations of archived photography and absolutely killing it.

10. Kelly Shrimpton (@Onebravewahine)

This inspiring chick, in recovery from a concussion, is reconnecting with the New Zealand landscape through art. Her textural, abstract creations draw stimuli from nature. She makes a simple brush stroke look like a sunset over a New Zealand beach.


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  • HandMeThatPencil's picture

    HandMeThatPencil - Tue, 2016-11-01 18:48

    Awesome sauce! Thank you for a bunch of inspiring kiwi talent to follow!
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