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The 10 coolest feminist things you can buy on TradeMe right now

Being stuck down here at the bottom of the world means we often miss out on some of the best offerings from the likes of Amazon and Etsy, especially when it comes to feminist apparel. Like, I know you need this mug, these socks and this pin, but good luck getting them shipped to New Zealand for less than $754,941, if at all.

But fear not, persisting shoppers—our own e-commerce giant has some pretty impressive offerings if you’re willing to do some digging. Behold, the 10 coolest things you can buy on TradeMe right now (links in titles).


This RBG Mug

Join Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in sticking a middle finger to the patriarchy while enjoying your morning cuppa. At just short of $50, it might be the most expensive mug you ever buy, but it’s probably worth it to see the look on Steve from accounting’s face.


The now-famous Pussy Hat

Originally made for the Women's Marches that took place around the US following Trump's inauguration, the pussy hat has become a modern-day feminist symbol. Winter may be over but Trump's still in office, so buy one to warm your cold soul.


This Jacinda Ardern as Princess Leia T-shirt

Forget TradeMe, this might be the best thing on the entire internet right now. Buy one for all your friends, and someone please send one to Clarke Gayford.


This cross-stitch book of feminist icons

If you’re looking for ways to channel your rage, cross-stitching the faces of badass women throughout history is sure to help. From Frida Kahlo to Michelle Obama to Beyonce, you’ll be feeling both relaxed and empowered in no time.


This vintage YWCA Centenary

A collector’s item for sure. Every Girl: A Social History of Women and the YWCA in Auckland is described as a book about what it means to be female in New Zealand. Covering the period from 1885 to 1985, author Sandra Coney profiles Auckland’s early feminists and some of the city’s most impressive women. And it’s so vintage!


This book of imagined feminist theory from Ryan Gosling

“Based on the wildly popular blog, author Danielle Henderson pairs swoon-worthy photos of the steamy actor with sensitive feminist theories and plenty of sweet talk.” Clearly a must have, *adds to cart.*


These, very obviously feminist, feminist prints

Shout your social agenda from the rooftops, or rather the walls, with these feminist prints. Get one, get ‘em all. Then get them framed and leave them leaning up against the wall for six months because you have no idea where that slightly sexist pink toolbox your dad gave you for Christmas a couple of years ago got to.  


This feminist crafting book

It’s only October, so I don’t want to say it but I’m going to say it. This would make a perfect Christmas present for any crafty kids (or adults) in your life. Googly-eyed tampon buddies!!


This Pussy Wagon keychain

Reclaim the Pussy Wagon like Beatrix Kiddo. The perfect addition to your car keys, obviously.


This book of body-positive art

Bust Magazine says, "Rosetti’s illustrations are personalized affirmations of the rights of women. They congratulate the empowered, comfort the survivors, and present rebuttals to the oppressive comments that rain down upon women from the heights of the patriarchy.”



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