Community Guidelines.

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Villainesse community. We encourage you to debate, discuss and exchange ideas here, but we need to set some ground rules. By commenting on Villainesse stories you agree to abide by the following guidelines and comply with Villainesse’s terms and conditions. Violation of these guidelines, or the terms and conditions may result in the termination of your membership.

1. Villainesse is a harassment-free zone. No harassment or bullying of any kind will be tolerated. 

2. Villainesse is a collaborative community. It is a place where people are encouraged to debate, discuss and converse. If you’re here to ‘troll’ or to deliberately and maliciously provoke contention you’re in the wrong place. And please remember that it is possible to agree to disagree.

3. Villainesse abhors discrimination and does not condone discriminative conduct or attitudes. Sexism, racism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination that violates the human rights of others will not be tolerated.

4. It is inappropriate to post commercial messages and content on Villainesse. 

5. Libel and defamation laws apply to Villainesse. Do not post anything that could be libellous or defamatory, knowingly false, inaccurate on in violation of the law. By posting on Villainesse you agree to indemnify and protect Villainesse from any legal action brought against you as a result of your comments. Villainesse will not be liable for damages of any kind incurred as a result of any content posted by members on its site.

6. Never, ever post content that may lead to breaking name-suppression or revealing any other court-suppressed or sensitive information. Don’t even speculate. Villainesse does not accept responsibility for commenters breaking court-ordered suppressions or leaking sensitive information and will not be liable for damages of any kind incurred as a result of any content posted by members on its site. Villainesse will take every possible action to remove any such material as soon as it is discovered. 

7. Posting inappropriate, offensive, illegal or explicit content is prohibited. 

8. Villainesse is an openly published forum. Do not post anything on Villainesse that you wouldn’t want the world to see.

9. Republishing content from Villainesse without permission in any other media, including media known now and all media to be discovered in the future in any territory is strictly prohibited. 

10. Be yourself. Do not impersonate another person or catfish. 

11. Villainesse reserves the right to remove any comments and terminate any member accounts at its sole discretion. Villainesse is not required to disclose any reason for account termination, and its decision is final. 

12. For more information, read Villainesse’s full Terms and Conditions.