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5 Questions: Terror returns to Paris, new North Korean threats, another storm on the way + More

Image: The city centre of Chongjin, North Korea / Ben Mack

1. What has happened in Paris? ISIS has claimed responsibility for a shooting on the famed Champs-Elysee.

2. Why does North Korea keep making threats? Just when it seemed tensions were easing, the North Korean government has vowed to launch a "super-mighty pre-emptive strike" against the United States that "doesn't allow for the survival of the enemy" and will reduce the nation to "ashes." Meanwhile, Chinese airlines have suspended flights to Pyongyang and bombers and troops are being placed on high alert and moving into position near the North Korean border for what analysts speculate could be an attempt to force the northeast Asian nation to cool its heated rhetoric. There are also unconfirmed reports that Russian troops and military hardware are amassing along the country's narrow border with North Korea - a development which, if confirmed, would mark the first time such a thing has occurred in many years.

3. Are you ready for yet another storm? Another big storm could hit the North Island in the coming days.

4. Can we talk about the lack of female executives? Several months after it was installed, the "Fearless Girl" statue in Manhattan is still igniting debate.

5. How awesome is Peggy Whitson? The NASA astronaut has just gone on her eighth spacewalk, more than any woman ever. By the time she's due to return to Earth on September 3, she'll have spent more time in space - 666 days - than any American, female or male.


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